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Massive change, AkashaCMS is gone, replaced with AkashaRender

<p>A couple years ago I grew dissatisfied enough with the design of <em>akashacms</em>, the previous processing engine in AkashaCMS. It was a powerful system, with it I built several large websites, wrote a book, and so forth. But its inner structure had grown organically into a bit of a mess. My pondering about what to do led me to implement a complete rewrite. The new rendering engine, AkashaRender, is more flexible and is more sensibly organized. It is also incompatible with the older system.</p> <p>Over the last week I have deprecated the old <em>akashacms</em>-based system, and have published updates to everything including the plugins and this website. This blog post goes over what's happened.</p> (June 27, 2017)

Major upgrade to Mahabhuta, the server-side DOM processing engine in AkashaCMS

Mahabhuta can now, with its version 0.5 release, emerge from the shadows of AkashaCMS and serve a useful purpose in its own right. DOM processing in the style of jQuery is now possible in Node.js server applications. The update makes it more feasible to integrate Mahabhuta into applications other than AkashaCMS, including integration into Express applications. (September 15, 2016)

How to add a free shopping cart and sell products on an AkashaCMS website

Supposedly selling products via a website and having a shopping shopping cart requires a dynamically generated website using a content management system. But, there are online store services which can be added to any website, even ones built as static HTML files. (November 13, 2015)

Created skeleton for akashacms-blog-podcast

It occurred to me, potential AkashaCMS users need a helping hand to start a blog. (September 27, 2015)

Added akashacms-footnotes plugin - EPUB's can get footnotes

In the book I'm writing now, I want footnotes. Therefore repurposing existing code was the order of the day. (June 7, 2015)

AkashaEPUB received nearly complete rewrite - hugely simplified

The initial version of AkashaEPUB demonstrated the need to hugely simplify book configuration. That's been done. (May 19, 2015)

Pages can be JSON data, and can declare CSS and JS files

Pages can now be written as JSON data, that's formatted through a partial into HTML. Pages can now declare their own CSS or JavaScript files. (May 9, 2015)

AkashaEPUB 0.4.6 released, Guidebook posted to eBook stores

Achieved a major goal with AkashaEPUB - the guidebook has been successfully uploaded to several online eBook marketplaces. (April 28, 2015)

AkashaEPUB 0.4.2 released, Guidebook written

Since the last news in February, I had the crazy idea to repurpose AkashaCMS to support building EPUB's. That's now finished, and a guidebook has been written. (April 20, 2015)

Announcing AkashaCMS 0.4.1 - rendering chains, grunt integration, EPUB generation, and more

Major amount of work went on the last two weeks, restructuring AkashaCMS to allow pluggable rendering chains, using it in a Grunt workflow, and generate EPUB files. (Feb 25, 2015 12:07 PDT)

Announcing AkashaCMS 0.4.0 - server-side jQuery, streamlined rendering, and more

Nearly a year in the making, with v0.4.x AkashaCMS is greatly improved, faster, uses server-side jQuery-style DOM manipulations, and more. (Feb 14, 2015 12:07 PDT)

Upgraded akashacms-theme-boilerplate to Boilerplate v5, AkashaCMS 0.4.x release imminent

The Boilerplate team just released version 5, which has now been rolled into akashacms-theme-boilerplate. (Feb 14, 2015)

AkashaCMS 0.4.x release on hold for Boilerplate v5

Since Boilerplate forms the basis for AkashaCMS theming, and since they just released version 5, it seems necessary to hold the 0.4.x release to integrate the latest Boilerplate. (Feb 12, 2015)

Looking forward to AkashaCMS 0.5.x work

Now that AkashaCMS is reaching its 0.4.x milestone, what am I thinking of for the 0.5.x release (Feb 11, 2015 12:00 PDT)

Created AkashaCMS organization to shephard AkashaCMS into the future

On the cusp of its 0.4.x release, AkashaCMS creator David Herron announces the ownership transfer of AkashaCMS to the new AkashaCMS organization. (Feb 11, 2015)

Announcing the Blog & Podcast plugin

They say every content management system becomes a blogging platform. Whether or not that's true, it's just become true for AkashaCMS. A new AkashaCMS plugin allows the creation of multiple blogs within an AkashaCMS website. (Feb 10, 2015)

Viewer.js, a powerful pure-JavaScript document viewer to simplify your visitors document experience

I hate the typical user experience around viewing and distributing PDF files (or other document formats). Usually we're forced to download the file to our local computer, then view it using a separate viewer. It litters the Downloads directory with old files we've downloaded, and it's somewhat jarring to find yourself suddenly having to navigate to a separate viewer application. Further, an external viewer probably doesn't work well on a mobile device where the operating paradigm is quite different from desktop computers. (2014-05-01 19:37)

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