With 0.7, the AkashaCMS plugins need to be updated to reflect new API's

Date: Wed Jul 17 2019

For the AkashaRender/Mahabhuta 0.7 release we added a critical API change making it easier to configure Plugin's and MahabhutaArray's. While some of the Plugin's have been updated, not all have.

The 0.7 release number will indicate whether a given Plugin has been upgraded to the new API.

For the 0.7 release akashacms-builtin, akashacms-base, and akashacms-external-links will fully support the new API. The others will come along shortly afterward.

Another change to implement is to remove as many overloaded objects from the metadata object as possible. The metadata object became burdened with inappropriately added objects like metadata.config. With the new options object it is possible to pass these other objects through the options rather than to overload metadata.


Plugin Version Status
akashacms-builtin --- Full support
akashacms-base 0.7.0 Full support
akashacms-adblock-checker --- Full support
akashacms-affiliates 0.7.0 Full support
akashacms-blog-podcast 0.7.0 Full support
akashacms-booknav 0.7.0 Full support
akashacms-breadcrumbs 0.7.0 Full support
akashacms-dlassets 0.7.0 Full support
akashacms-document-viewers 0.7.0 Full support
akashacms-embeddables 0.7.0 Full support
akashacms-external-links 0.6.0 Full support TODO release this to npm
akashacms-footnotes 0.7.0 Full support
akashacms-tagged-content 0.7.0 Full support
akashacms-theme-bootstrap 0.7.0 Full support TODO release bootstrapv4 branch to npm
epub-website --- Full support
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