Markdoc support added via Renderers package

Date: Sat Oct 08 2022

Markdoc is Markdown with extensions making it like a template engine sort of.

Stripe developed Markdoc ( ( to use in their documentation website. It is a new variant of Markdown, that implements a superset of the CommonMark specification.

The result looks like a marraige between Markdown and Handlebars or Nunjucks templates. An example will make this clear:

{% tag %}
{% /tag %}

It supports tags between {% .. %} markers. It is relatively easy to create custom tags. Tags can take input values (parameters) depending on the tag.

Here I am rendering a custom {% $variable %}

It also has variables, which can be substituted into the output like so. It also supports frontmatter -- in Renderers/AkashaRender we only support YAML frontmatter -- and those values appear as variables.

# Examples {% #examples %}

In Markdown content, you can add an expression like this to add attributes to the tag that's generated.

{% if and(not($a), or($b, $c)) %}
This is shown only if $a is falsy and either $b or $c is true.
{% /if %}

There is an if tag that can selectively render content.

There are several other features, but this is enough for now.

To use Markdoc, use the extension .html.markdoc.

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