AskashaCMS Breadcrumbs plugin documentation

The breadcrumb trail at the top of each page on this site is generated by @akashacms/plugins-breadcrumbs. Generally speaking, an AkashaCMS breadcrumb trail is a sequence of links to pages from the webroot down to the current document. This allows the reader to easily navigate to any page in the hierarchy.


Add the following to package.json

"dependencies": {
      "@akashacms/plugins-breadcrumbs": "^0.7.x",

Once added to package.json run: npm install


Add the following to config.js


Custom Tags

Generating the breadcrumb trail

Use this tag: <breadcrumb-trail/>

The code uses the breadcrumbTrail function, internal to the plugin, to search upward from the current document. It locates each page named index.html and extracts its title, generating a link to each one.