AskashaCMS Footnotes plugin documentation

Footnotes are widely used in writing to cite references or add additional comments. The AkashaCMS Footnotes implementation is inspired by Wikipedia in that the footnote inserts an in-page link at the footnote's location, and generates a list of citations at the bottom of the page. Like this: [AkashaCMS]

The code to generate that footnote:

<footnote name="AkashaCMS" href="" title="Build the website of your dreams"/>


Add the following to package.json

"dependencies": {
    "@akashacms/plugins-footnotes": "^0.7.x",

Once added to package.json run: npm install


Add the following to config.js


Custom Tags


<footnote name="everything"
    title="With Title and all the fixings"
    A footnote with everything and all the fixings


<footnote-ref name="footnote-name"></footnote-ref>

You can designate a location for the footnotes by adding this code:

<div id='footnote-area'><strong>Footnotes</strong><br></div>

The plugin will look for div#footnote-area, and append footnotes within that location. If such a location is not found, then the above code is inserted into the page. It is best for you to explicitly declare where the footnotes are to land.