AskashaCMS Tagged-Content plugin documentation

Tags are an excellent way to categorize and organize content. Other platforms like Drupal or Wordpress or Blogger have similar features. In @akashacms/plugins-tagged-content you add a list of tags to the document front-matter, and three tools are available:

  • A tags-for-document custom element shows the tags for the current document
  • A tag-cloud custom element shows all tags, as a tag cloud. I know tag clouds stopped being popular, but I like them
  • A set of pages can be generated, one page per tag, showing the items associated with that tag

The tags are stored in the tags field in the document front-matter. They can be a YAML array like:

    - OpenAPI
    - Swagger

Or they can be a comma-separated string, like:

tags: OpenAPI, Swagger


Add the following to package.json

"dependencies": {
      "akashacms-tagged-content": "^0.7.x",

Once added to package.json run: npm install


Add the following to config.js

    .use(require('@akashacms/plugins-tagged-content'), {
        sortBy: 'title',
        // @tagDescription@ can only appear once
        headerTemplate: "---\ntitle: @title@\nlayout: tagpage.html.ejs\n---\n<p><a href='./index.html'>Tag Index</a></p><p>Pages with tag @tagName@</p><p>@tagDescription@</p>",
        indexTemplate: "---\ntitle: Tags for AkashaCMS Example site\nlayout: tagpage.html.ejs\n---\n",
        pathIndexes: '/tags/',
        tags: [
                name: "Tag Name 1",
                description: "Tag description text"

sortBy: As suggested by the function name, this controls the sorting of tag entries in a tag index page.

headerTemplate: The tag index pages are dynamically generated, meaning that you don't create them yourself. This value controls the initial content of each.

pathIndexes: Controls where, within the site, the tag index pages are rendered.

indexTemplate: Is the template used to generate the index.html in the tags directory.

tags: Is an array of items where we can list descriptions for a given tag.

Custom Tags

<tag-cloud id="id" class="class" style="style"/>

Generates a tag cloud. The wrapper has id and class and style attributes as specified by the (optional) attributes.

The tag cloud is rendered through the tagged-content-cloud.html.ejs template.


Generates an indicator of the tags for this document, linking them to the corresponding tag page.

The tags are rendered through the tagged-content-doctags.html.ejs template.

<% ... config.plugin('@akashacms/plugins-tagged-content').hasTag(tags, 'Doctor Who') ... %>

The hasTag function is useful for checking whether a given tag is set, or not. This will allow you to modify the content based on the document tags.


Generated into the index.html for the tags directory. This is a wrapper element meant to surround the tag list.

The template is tagged-content-list-container.html.ejs, so override this to customize the presentation.


This is an individual item in the tag list in the index.html in the tags directory.

The template is tagged-content-list-item.html.ejs, so override this to customize the presentation.