The AkashaRender command line

When AkashaRender is installed, a new command is available: akasharender

$ akasharender --help
Usage: akasharender [options] [command]

  -V, --version                            output the version number
  -h, --help                               output usage information

  copy-assets <configFN>                   Copy assets into output directory
  document <configFN> <documentFN>         Show information about a document
  renderto <configFN> <documentFN>         Call renderTo for a document
  render-document <configFN> <documentFN>  Render a document into output directory
  render [options] <configFN>              Render a site into output directory
  gh-pages-publish [options] <configFN>    Publish a site using Github Pages.  Takes the rendering destination, adds it into a branch, and pushes that to Github
  config <configFN>                        Print a site configuration

For any of the commands you can get further help by running:

$ akasharender _commandName_ --help

The AkashaRender command line

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