Announcing AkashaCMS 0.4.0 - server-side jQuery, streamlined rendering, and more

Date: Sat Feb 14 2015

Nearly a year in the making, with v0.4.x AkashaCMS is greatly improved, faster, uses server-side jQuery-style DOM manipulations, and more.

It's been about 8-9 months since the AkashaCMS 0.3.0 release, and the platform has come a long way. Some highlights of the work which went into this release are:

  • Rewrote the rendering engine a couple times. It became very complex, but now is very simple.
  • Ejected the Kernel templating engine, which had been present only to support asynchronous code.
  • Developed the Mahabhuta engine, that uses jQuery-like DOM manipulation, and supports asynchronous code.
  • Regularized the configuration file contents.
  • Developed an in-browser editor that's somewhat useful
  • Changed the preview mode so it dynamically rebuilds the page if it changes - making site editing more streamlined.
  • Formed a ( Github organization to house AkashaCMS work.
  • Switched the Markdown support a couple times, settling on Markdown-it.
  • Developed a blogging plugin, which is rendering this announcement post.
  • Expanded the number of embeddable content sources.
  • Developed an initial test suite.
  • Incorporated the log4js logging engine.
  • Switched the metadata frontmatter to YAML.

Going forward I plan to keep the website up-to-date with changes as I go, and to use the akashacms-example site to show recipes of how to do things. Because both ( this site and akashacms-example are available in buildable form, they serve to demonstrate how to best use AkashaCMS.

For thoughts about what will be in AkashaCMS 0.5.x see the ( 0.5.x issue queue and my blog post from a few days ago.

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