Created AkashaCMS organization to shephard AkashaCMS into the future

Date: Wed Feb 11 2015

On the cusp of its 0.4.x release, AkashaCMS creator David Herron announces the ownership transfer of AkashaCMS to the new AkashaCMS organization.

Not that it means much at the moment because I'm the sole member of ( the AkashaCMS organization. However, it seems to me that putting AkashaCMS in the hands of an "organization" will make it more attractive to other users and to contributions. I don't know, maybe I'm deluded, but that's what it seems like.

My goal with AkashaCMS is primarily to scratch my own itch, to have it serve my needs. However, I must recognize that other people may find AkashaCMS interesting and useful and may want to contribute. It's possible that in the future some may even contribute enough that we want a more formal governance structure.

Creating an "organization" within which to house AkashaCMS opens the door to those possibilities.

There it is, an open door. AkashaCMS is more available than previously to contributions by other people.

As for the 0.4.x release, creating the new organization was the last task I'd laid out. However, I want to wait for a few days to see whether I find any bugs.

On a practical note - to anybody who had cloned an AkashaCMS repository, github's help page says that github will silently redirect all URL's (including github repository URL's) to the new organization. You should go ahead and change the origin URL, however, like so:

$ git remote set-url origin **new repository URL**

You get the new URL from the new homepage of the repository you're interested in.

Those URL's are:

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