AkashaEPUB 0.4.2 released, Guidebook written

Date: Mon Apr 20 2015

Since the last news in February, I had the crazy idea to repurpose AkashaCMS to support building EPUB's. That's now finished, and a guidebook has been written.

One day in February I woke up with an idea to build EPUB files using AkashaCMS, and use that to construct the books I want to write. I didn't know anything about EPUB other than the vague idea that it's a bundle of HTML files. However, within 5 days I had read enough of the EPUB specifications, looked through enough sample EPUB's, and written enough code, to know how to generate EPUB's and had managed to generate a couple sample EPUB's.

This is a testament to AkashaCMS's flexibility that it could be so quickly adapted to a task that's so different from generating a website.

The selling points for AkashaEPUB are that it's a fairly simple way to build an electronic book using programmer-friendly tools. This is just like how AkashaCMS makes it easy to build a website using a regular programmers editor, AkashaEPUB lets one write a book in a regular programmers editor.

An AkashaEPUB book is an AkashaCMS workspace with a few small tweaks. The biggest being the akashacms-epub plugin, which does all the heavy lifting of building the EPUB. The other is that AkashaEPUB builds must be done with grunt and not with the akashacms command-line tool.

There are two complete EPUB workspaces for AkashaEPUB currently:

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