The AkashaCMS Open Source Project

AkashaEPUB and AkashaCMS are open source projects covered by the Apache2 license. This means you have the freedoms guaranteed by such a project:

  • You can make as many copies of the software as you like
  • You can modify the software any way you like
  • You can redistribute modified or unmodified copies of the software

The project home page is at ( and you can access the source code via the AkashaCMS Organization repositories at

Bug reports or feature requests should be filed in the AkashaRender issue tracker: ( or the issue tracker for the relevant module, such as akashacms-epub. There is a long list of feature ideas in the issue tracker waiting to be implemented.

URL's for a few important tools are:

Corrections or suggestions for this book should be filed in the epub-guide issue tracker: ( You can even submit corrections or new content using the github repository.

I, David Herron, began writing AkashaCMS back in 2012 and am responsible for every line of code, every feature, and every bug.

The AkashaCMS project is open to receiving any contribution whether it be code, bug fixes, documentation, or testing.

The AkashaCMS Open Source Project

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