About the author, David Herron

David Herron is a software engineer, blogger and writer living in Silicon Valley. He has over 20 years software engineering experience for hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley, including a 10+ year stint in the Java SE team at Sun Microsystems.

While working at Yahoo he was exposed to Node.js when the team David worked in was reassigned to work on the beginning phases of Yahoo's Node.js webapp hosting platform - Manhattan and Mojito. Yahoo now uses Node.js widely for the apps it deploys to build its websites, and the company also makes Mojito available as an open source project. David left Yahoo long before the Manhattan/Mojito platform became public, however.

As a result of this Node.js exposure he was able to wangle a contract to write (www.amazon.com) Node Web Development, a book on, well, developing Web applications using Node.js. The first edition was published in August 2011, the second edition was published in August 2013 and the third published in August 2016.

David Herron's blogging and writing is focused mostly on electric vehicles, clean energy technologies, and related issues (climate change, peak oil, etc) and the need to switch away from fossil fuels. See (longtailpipe.com) longtailpipe.com and greentransportation.info for that work. Visit (techsparx.com) techsparx.com for his technology-related pursuits.

David is currently employed writing software related to integrating smart grid services with solar and energy storage power systems. There is a change brewing in renewable energy and the electricity grid. They're working on bringing Internet-of-Things style technology into all kinds of electricity grid devices, including the inverters attached to solar arrays and energy storage units. It will enable a whole new world of multi-way exchanges of electricity across the grid, with potential new business opportunities offering grid services, while making renewable energy systems practical for huge deployment.

Along the way he has written or started on several books built with AkashaEPUB.

About the author, David Herron

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