Copyright pages

( -- Copyright page sample ready to be copied into a book.

( -- More in-depth discussion of constructing the copyright page

ISBN Numbers

The International ISBN Agency ( ( oversee's all-things-ISBN around the world. They empower individual agencies in each country to issue ISBN's for that country.

( -- is an old discussion, from 2005, going over ISBN's and where to get them (in the U.S.). The key take-away that's still true is that it's a good idea to own your ISBN. There are plenty of companies today which give ISBN's for free as part of a package of book publishing services. Those services may be worth-while, but at the end of the process that service company owns the ISBN which could be a problem later on. The downside of owning your ISBN is the high cost of buying small numbers of ISBN's.

( -- This is a more up-to-date guide for ISBN's.

( -- This is the official ISBN agency for the United States of America.

There is lots of discussion available saying an eBook does not require an ISBN, that an ISBN is primarily required for print books. All the online eBook marketplaces I've tried allow eBooks that lack an ISBN, and instead use the uuid style book identifier shown earlier in the book.yml.

EPUB specification

The EPUB specification was previously developed by the IDPF. As of January 2017, the IDPF has merged itself into the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), with a home page at (

Github repository: ( and

Specifications: (

EPUB4: (

The links below are still (as of this writing) informative but are an archive of the status of the IDPF as of January 2017.

(, -- This is the source of truth for all things EPUB.

O'Reilly has published two books of interest, both of which were very useful in developing AkashaEPUB and this guide:

  • EPUB 3 Best Practices
  • Accessible EPUB 3

( -- Goes over the NCX file format.

( -- A whole repository, organized by the IDPF, of sample EPUB3's.

( -- Ongoing projects, specification updates

( -- News website for all things EPUB.

Friends of EPUB

( -- An eBook template and stylesheet


( -- eBook design checklist

( -- eBook performance checklist


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