Added akashacms-footnotes plugin - EPUB's can get footnotes

Date: Sun Jun 07 2015

In the book I'm writing now, I want footnotes. Therefore repurposing existing code was the order of the day.

The footnote tag has been useful for writing website content. Now that I'm writing electronic books using AkashaEPUB, I want to use this tag, as well, to reference documents on the web.

The footnote tag had been implemented inside the akashacms-base plugin, but that plugin is completely unsuitable for use with AkashaEPUB. The tags provided by akashacms-base make too many assumptions that the goal is to generate a website. In other words, it does things which would break an EPUB. But the footnote tag by itself is pretty benign and wouldn't break an EPUB.

To that end I created a standalone plugin -- akashacms-footnotes and the footnote tag is no longer supplied by akashacms-base

This means for any websites using the footnote tag you must register akashacms-footnotes in your site configuration.

For more information see AskashaCMS Footnotes plugin documentation

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