Correctly configuring the AkashaCMS blog-podcast plugin for multiple layout templates

Date: Sun Aug 09 2020

In AkashaCMS, the blog-podcast module determines which files are included in a given blog by the layout templates. The layout template turns out to be a useful way of determining the kind of document for each file. In other words, a blog post would use the blog.html.ejs layout template. That assumption works until you start implementing other layout templates, which I've done on the AkashaCMS news blog to correspond to adopting Liquid and Nunjucks templates.

Being a good project owner, I use the AkashaCMS website source code to demonstrate how to use AkashaCMS. For that purpose, having implemented both Liquid and Nunjucks template engines, I implemented blog.html.liquid and blog.html.njk layout templates, then set a bunch of the blog posts to use those templates.

Unfortunately that blew up, with the blog-podcast plugin printing errors about did not find document ... in blog. That had me scratching my head for awhile until it dawned on me that the declaration for the blog specified the blog.html.ejs template, so changing the blog posts to use other templates made them no longer part of the blog.

To explain let's look at the configuration for the blog containing this post:

news: {
    rss: {
        title: "AkashaCMS News",
        description: "Announcements and news about the AkashaCMS content management system",
        site_url: "",
        image_url: "",
        managingEditor: 'David Herron',
        webMaster: 'David Herron',
        copyright: '2015 David Herron',
        language: 'en',
        categories: [ "Node.js", "Content Management System", "HTML5", "Static website generator" ]
    rssurl: "/news/rss.xml",
    rootPath: "news",
    matchers: {
        layouts: [ "blog.html.ejs" ],
        path: /^news\//

Most of this is fields for the RSS feed, describing the blog. The matchers field is where we tell the blog-podcast plugin how to select posts for this blog. The layouts matcher gives a list of layout templates to match. Notice that it says blog.html.ejs.

So... if a blog post has this layout:

layout: blog.html.njk

It will not be matched by the matcher, and therefore not be part of the blog.

The fix is simple:

layouts: [ "blog.html.ejs", "blog.html.liquid", "blog.html.njk" ],

Simply add the new templates to the layout matchers.

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