AkashaCMS News for 2020

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    • AkashaCMS News for 2020
      • News for January 2020
        • Better HTML previewing of AkashaCMS project pages in Visual Studio Code WYSIWYG is a useful document editing model, but in an AkashaCMS project there hasn't been a way to do that. The tools for AkashaCMS let us edit Markdown files in a programmers editor, like Visual Studio Code, but then we're left to our imagination as to how the page will look. It's easy to set up a preview mode in an AkashaCMS project using a simple command-line HTML server and an external web browser. But it's not well integrated with the editing experience, and in practice I never did it. There is a Visual Studio Code extension that makes this better offering a good preview experience right inside VSCode.
      • News for April 2020
        • Embed code snippets in AkashaCMS rendered HTML documents When presenting code snippets it is useful to have the code highlighted properly. With the Markdown documents used in AkashaCMS it is easy to use code snippets since the Markdown language directly supports this. But sometimes we want to include an external file and have it treated similarly.