Added support for Nunjucks templates to AkashaCMS

Date: Sun Aug 09 2020

Following yesterdays project, today I implemented support for Nunjucks in AkashaCMS. I also took it a step further and ensured we can use Nunjucks for implementing Partials, and used it to implement some of the core Partials. Nunjucks is a project of the Mozilla foundation, and is a port of the Jinja2 template engine from Python to JavaScript. It has many powerful features, while promising to be very small and fast.

The Nunjucks module is documented at: (

There is an extensive set of features in this template engine, making it more interesting for AkashaCMS than EJS.

Since it appears the standard file extension for Nunjucks is .njk, files (documents, layouts, and partials) using Nunjucks must be named example.html.njk. I have tested these three modes:

  • Document file named example.html.njk -- since this is not processed with Markdown, the content body must be written with HTML.
  • Layout template named example.html.njs
  • Partials named example.html.njk
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